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About the Salon


Beauty is empowering and empowered women do great things.

Ever since the beginning of time, beautiful women have held the power to influence others. From Cleopatra to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love – women have used their beauty for various purposes. Whenever intelligence and beauty have come together, the world has changed.

That’s where our story begins.

As a Greek inspired concept salon, the VK Beauty Lounge & Bar is driven by a vision to change the perception of beauty. By partnering with organizations and associations, both local and international, women will have a chance to participate in shared value campaigns that will shed light on matters that are not only important, but also essential to the betterment of society and the world.

Conceived as a place where women can come to look and feel great with services specifically tailored to them, their personality and lifestyle, VK Beauty Lounge & Bar is going beyond the basic requirements of every woman. Not only do we aim to be the best in customer service, but we value supporting our clients with information on quality products, treatments and services while giving them a platform to use their voices.

Through this unique concept, the VK Beauty Lounge & Bar aims to connect beauty to a cause so that every woman has a chance to influence and change the world through her choice and voice.

VK Beauty Lounge & Bar is a concept salon that offers premium beauty services to women who wish to be the change the world needs, through the choices they make.


The Master's Vision


To redefine the perception of beauty and to lead the way for a better society through our work.


To empower every woman to make the world a better place through her voice and choice.


We believe that happy people create joyful experiences. Our values and beliefs guide our culture as well as every client experience, leading us to new dawn filled with hope, love and beauty. At VK we place great importance on the following core values;


A hairdresser is an artist, and with great art must come the willingness to learn. At VK every stylist comes with decades of experience and is always constantly improving themselves. Education and knowledge is paramount to us and we never stop learning.


Building secure relationships within the team and our clients is our top priority. We take responsibility seriously and place high value on integrity and that’s why we educate our clients every step of the way.


We live in a world that is filled with differences and in accepting our differences, we foster an environment of peace. While we aspire to fulfil the wish of every client, we ensure that we respect their opinions, cultures, beliefs, limitations and preferences. The same holds true for our staff and business partners.


Women in ancient Greece were known for their beauty and their ability to use it for a purpose – either good or bad. At VK, we give new meaning to this power by connecting with communities and using our beauty, wit and actions for a purpose.

We don’t believe in the business of beauty, but in the beauty of the business.


As experts in the field of beauty, the team at VK has been head hunted and secured, for good reason. We believe that talent is honed and perfected over the years, and our team of award-winning stylists, therapists and technicians come with more than a decade of experience. Masters of their craft, they’ve worked across cinema and media, with a roster of clients that includes celebrities, influencers and royalty. Not only that, they’re educators in their respective positions, teaching and promoting the business of excellence. Once you meet them, you’ll never forget them!


We believe in supporting individual strengths while achieving group goals. A happy team is always more productive and at VK we are a team that puts passion into every job.


Growing personally and professionally in a positive environment is what gives us all a reason to work with joyful hearts. For our staff at VK, we remain one family that is invested in each other.


Fostering our passions and inspiring ourselves keeps us always on the edge of new developments and trends.


Involving humor and laughter in our daily work is what we live and breathe. We share this with every client, follower or fan. When people are happy with themselves and are participating in a common vision, they can spread happiness without any effort.


Creating an environment of understanding and compromise is important us. Not only do we try our best to assist others by being as flexible as possible, but we also ensure that our team members live up to the idea of being accommodative.


Whether it’s just another manic Monday, or you intend to conquer the world with your confidence, at VK we always strive to create a caring and attentive atmosphere to make your day. For us, service is driven by intention, thoughts and action and we always have a reason for you to feel good from within.


Beauty is powerful when it’s used for purpose.


Keratin Treatment

S AED 2,000 M AED 2,500 L AED 3,000


S AED 200 M AED 300 L AED 400


S AED 150 M AED 200 L AED 250


S AED 100 M AED 130 L AED 170

Scalp Peeling

S AED 300 M AED 130 L AED 170


Hair Style & 1 Trial In House

AED 2,500

Make Up & 1 Trial In House

AED 2,500

Hair Style & 1 Trial Home Service

AED 5,000

Bridal Package In House

AED 4,000

Bridal Package Home Service

AED 8,000

Bridal Full Package In House

AED 5,000

Bridal Full Package Home Service

AED 10,000

Highlights & Lowlights

Full Head

S AED 400 M AED 500 L AED 600

Half Head

S AED 300 M AED 400 L AED 500

Full Head Regrowth

AED 400

Half Head Regrowth

AED 300


AED 250

Permanent Wave

AED 500


AED 600

Kera – Straight

M AED 1,500 L AED 2,000



AED 80


AED 100

Long Lasting

AED 120


AED 180


AED 150

Gel Polish Remover

AED 50





AED 40


AED 60


Hair Trim

AED 100

Hair Cut

AED 150

Style Cut

AED 250


AED 300


Full Head Color

S AED 300 M AED 350 L AED 400


AED 300

Creative ID

S AED 400 M AED 450 L AED 500


M AED 450 L AED 500


M AED 500 L AED 600


M AED 200 L AED 250

Color Correction

M AED 400 L AED 600

Color cleaner

M AED 300 L AED 400


Blow Dry

S AED 100 M AED 150 L AED 170


S AED 150 M AED 200 L AED 300


AED 400



AED 100


AED 120

Long Lasting

AED 140


AED 200


AED 200


AED 150

Gel Polish Removal

AED 50


Vida System

AED 30 per Piece

Vida Full Head

AED 4,000

Keratin Exte

AED 25 per Piece

Keratin Full Head

AED 3,000

Micro Rings Exte

AED 25 per Piece

Micro Rings Full Head

AED 3,000

Tapes Exte

AED 60 per Piece

Tapes Full Head

AED 2,000

Clip-In Exte Full Head

AED 3,500

Removal Exte with Therapy

AED 5 per Piece



AED 300


AED 300


AED 800


AED 200

Eye Lashes

AED 100

Body Painting

1,500 per Area

Professional Make Up

AED 1,000

Professional Body Painting

AED 3,000 per Area


Polish Change Classic

AED 30

Polish Change French

AED 50

Nail Extensions

Gels Or Acrylic

Nails extension

AED 400

Nails Extension French

AED 450

Nails Filler

AED 300

Nails Refill

AED 350


AED 100

Nail Art

Upon Consultation

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Apart from making you look your best, we ensure you’ll feel your best through empowering opportunities and partnerships.

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